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New York Road Runners Club Library

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  • [1981-2001]

The New York Road Runners Club Library was established in [1981] and renamed the Albert H. Gordon Library in 1983. Its Chief Librarian was Mimi Fahnestock. The library collected books, periodicals, audiovisual material, newspaper clippings, and race programs related to New York Road Runners, the New York City Marathon, prominent runners, and broader topics of running and long-distance road racing.

Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

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  • 1958-

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) was founded on February 22, 1958 by Browning Ross and nine other distance runners. Several months later, the New York Road Runners Club was founded by Ted Corbitt and John Sterner. Several NYRRC members held leadership positions in the RRCA, including Corbitt, Sterner, Joe Kleinerman, Aldo Scandurra, Kurt Steiner, Vince Chiapetta. Today, RRCA membership includes over 1000 running clubs.

Art of Running

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  • 1982-2007

Salmini Films

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