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New York Road Runners Photo Archives
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Miscellaneous events, folder 3

Unidentified runner 1976; Michael Frankport headshot December 1979; Ricoh running the Boston Marathon April 18, 1988; Midnight Run; Millrose Games; Boston Marathon 1983 winner; TAC/USA 100 Mile Championships 1983; Sailing Marathon, Jacky Ruette (Mort Kail Story) 1987; Detroit race 1987; NYC Marathon 2000; Unidentified negatives

NYRR Books

NYRR Books: The New York City Marathon Cookbook by Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.; The Family Fitness Handbook by Bob Glover and Jack Shepherd; Tales of Gold by Lewis H. Carlson and John J. Fogarty; The New Competitive Runner's Handbook by Bob Glover; New York City Marathon Official Spectator's Guide; Running News


Armory Race: Outside the Armory 1940, 1 Runner TIF 1968, Armory beds TIF 1988; ... Championship 2002; Armory Hall of Fame items; Armory/Fred Lebow Hall, JPEG files 72 and 300 DPI, client NYRR 1/24/2004; Armory/Marathon Hall, JPEG files, client: NYCC 1/24/2004; Thursday Night at the Armory

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon runners, finish line, press conference; "Boston Marathon to Seko"; "Boston's 85th Marathon - 6845 entries"

Heights Inwood 10K

"NYC Marathon notices still going out; Fifth Avenue Mile date may cause shift of Avon Women's Half-Marathon to a different day", The News World Running, August 31, 1981; Heights Inwood 10K runners and the start line

Winter Series, folder 1

6-Miler 12/5; 6-Miler Central Park 1/10/1982; 12/14/1987; 10-Miler Central Park 1/16/1982; 10-Miler 12/21/1987; 10K 12/10/1986-87; 10-Miler 12/5/1987; 30K 12/20/1987; 30K 12/6/1986; You Gotta Have Park 1988; Northwind 10K 1/10/1987-88; Spring Choice and Peewee; 20-Mile Run 1988; MAC 30K Champions 12/6/1986

David Getlen Negatives and Contact Sheets, folder 1

Contact Sheets: America's Marathon/Chicago 1985; NYC Marathon 1985; Vitalis/Olympic Invit. Track and Field Meet, Meadowlands, NJ 2/8/1986; Millrose Track and Field, Madison Square Garden, NYC 2/14/1986; USA/Mobil Track and Field 2/28/1986; Trevira Promotion Shoot 3/21/1986; Boston Marathon 1986; Trevira Twosome 1986; NYC Marathon 1986; International Breakfast Run; Trevira Twosome 1987

David Getlen Negatives and Contact Sheets, folder 3

Negatives: Millrose Games 2/14/1986; TAC/Mobil 2/28/1986; Trevira Promotion Shoot 3/21/1986; Boston Marathon 4/21/1986; Trevira Twosome 4/26/1986; NYC Marathon 11/2/1986; Trevira Twosome Race 4/25/1987; Jersey Waterfront Marathon 4/26/1987; IAAF Racewalk World Cup 5/2-3/1987; Vitalis/Olympic Track Meet 2/1987; NYC Marathon 11/1/1987

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