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W-X Miscellaneous

Xerox Invitational Marathon Relay, Heights-Inwood 10K Run, Yonkers Marathon 1979; WFan Run 1995, Women's Sports and Fitness Half Marathon 1999-2000

Wuss, Cindy (Mironovich)

Cindy Wuss professional photo shoot; Cindy Wuss at NYRRC Awards Banquet 1982; Cindy Wuss and Fred Thomas; Cindy Wuss in MAC outdoor Track and Field Championships 5/31/1981; Cindy Wuss in Avon 4 mile Women's Run 11/13/1982; Cindy Wuss in 5 mile run in Central Park; Cindy Wuss wins Winter Series 10 miler 1982; Cindy Wuss in the Mobil Games 2/25/1983; Cindy Wuss in Corporate Challenge 1981; 5K Tune-Up; Manufacturers Hanover race; Women's 4 mile Central Park 11/15/1980


Women running, women running with children, NYC sign warning to run in groups

Wittenberg, Mary

Mary Wittenberg in Snowflake 5K 2002; NYRR Mini Marathon 10K 2002, 2003; NYC Marathon 2002, 2005; Allure Marathon Makeover Half and 5K 2002; Manhattan Half 2003, 2004; Mother's Day 2003; MORE Marathon 2005; Mary Wittenberg headshots 8/29/2003; Marathon Lottery at NBC 6/6/2006; Mary wittenberg headshot and running in unmarked race

Winter Series, folder 1

6-Miler 12/5; 6-Miler Central Park 1/10/1982; 12/14/1987; 10-Miler Central Park 1/16/1982; 10-Miler 12/21/1987; 10K 12/10/1986-87; 10-Miler 12/5/1987; 30K 12/20/1987; 30K 12/6/1986; You Gotta Have Park 1988; Northwind 10K 1/10/1987-88; Spring Choice and Peewee; 20-Mile Run 1988; MAC 30K Champions 12/6/1986

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