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New York Road Runners
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VHS Tapes

  • I
  • Series
  • 1976-2007
  • Part of Media

Series I consists of 395 videocassette (VHS) tapes, the bulk of which contain broadcast footage, news coverage, highlight reels and clips of the New York City Marathon from 1976-2005. Marathon tapes include official 5 hour television coverage that aired on various networks, including WPIX 11, ESPN, and WNBC. This series also contains VHS tapes of other NYRR races, including the Fifth Avenue Mile, New York Games, Corporate Challenge, More Marathon and the Carey Wall Street Rat Race.

Other tapes document non-NYRR races, such as the Tokyo Marathon (1983), Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials (1992), and the London Marathon (1982, 1995). Series I also contains 21 tapes on the subject of Fred Lebow. These consist of public service announcements (PSAs), interviews, and coverage of his memorial and funeral service.

This series also includes instructional and training videos as well as episodes of Running (YES Network), Running & Racing (ESPN), and Road Race of the Month (ESPN). The bulk of this series was produced by Salmini Films. Other production companies include Trans World International (TWI) and TSC Graphics.

New York Road Runners

Compact Discs (CD) and Digital Video Discs (DVD)

  • III
  • Series
  • 1999-2014
  • Part of Media

This series mainly consists of DVDs, the bulk of which contain footage of the New York City Marathon (2009-2011). Marathon footage includes off-air records, local and national coverage, as well as press conferences with elite athletes and footage from marathon expos. Series III also contains DVDs documenting the New York City Half Marathon, Empire State Building Run-Up, Prostate Cancer Run, and the 50th Anniversary of NYRR.

This series also contains 18 episodes of Running, as well as feature-length films, Run For Your Life: the Fred Lebow Story and In it Together. There are also 3 audio CDs, which include “New York City: the Marathon Mix” and “Girls on the Run Manhattan – 2008 Season Highlights.”

New York Road Runners


  • NYRR 05
  • Record Group
  • 1970-2016

Materials in this record group consist of audio and motion-picture media arranged chronologically.

New York Road Runners

New York City Marathon Race Results

Series I contains race results, demographics, and statistics pertaining to the New York City Marathon. Results span from the first New York City Marathon in 1970 to the 2006 ING New York City Marathon and include official and unofficial finish lists as well as lists of entrants, award winners, and Athletes with Disabilities (AWD). The records are complete with the exception of the 1978-1979 and 1984-1989 marathons, which list only the award winners. Race results of the 1972, 1973, 1977 and 1980 marathons are missing and not included in the collection.

Demographics in this series report on the gender, age group, marital status, education, previous race experience, club and team affiliation, occupation, and geographical distribution of marathon entrants. Statistics also compare marathon entrants and finishers across years. This series also includes records documenting race entry requests and fees, race bib assignments, and New York City Marathon Streakers who have run the race 15-plus years in a row.

New York Road Runners

Other New York Road Runners Race Results

Series II contains race results and demographics relating to the Mini Marathon, Trevira/Lamisil Twosome, New York Games, as well as smaller NYRR races.

Mini Marathon results span from 1979 to 1999 and consist of official finish lists, team and category results, and lists of award winners and entrants. Sponsors of the Mini Marathon for the years represented in this series are: L’eggs (1984-1990); Advil (1991-1997); and Avon (1998-1999), when the race became known as the Avon 10K. Race results are categorized by overall finish, age groups, and teams, including mother-daughter and sister-sister teams.

Trevira/Lamisil Twosome race results date from 1979 to 1998 and contain results for both the 10 Mile (later 10K) and 2 Mile races that comprised the event. Rankings were determined both for couples and individual finishers. Also included are lists of finishers competing in special categories, including boxers and runners who worked in the media and textile industries. The demographics report pertaining to the Trevira Twosome includes information on the age range, marital status, education, club affiliation, occupation, and geographical distribution of entrants and finishers.

This series also contains the results of the various track and field events of the New York Games from 1989 to 1995 including distance races, pole vaulting, and the long and high jump competitions. The results of all other NYRR races are grouped together and arranged chronologically. These document smaller races from 1980 to 2003 including the Corporate Challenge, 5th Avenue Mile, Midnight Run, Empire State Building Run-Up, Joe Kleinerman 10K, Run for the Parks, and Brooklyn Half Marathon.

New York Road Runners

Membership Demographics

Series III consists of monthly NYRR membership demographic reports from 1984 to 2007 arranged chronologically. The reports include information on the age, sex, geographical distribution, team affiliation, occupation, and membership type of NYRR members. This series also contains reports documenting membership renewal rates from 1992 to 2001 and instructions for compiling and printing the monthly demographic reports.

New York Road Runners


Series I consists of four boxes of finisher medals. The series includes a full run of finisher medals from the New York City Marathon from 1976 to 2014. Up to four copies of each medal has been preserved in the NYRR Archives, with one copy on permanent display at the NYRR Run Center. Of particular note is a VIP medal from the 1981 NYC Marathon and the two designs for the 2005 medal featuring the likeness of Fred Lebow.

This series also consists of medals from the New York City Half Marathon, Brooklyn Half Marathon, New York Mini, More Marathon, More Half Marathon, Empire State Building Run-Up, Fifth Avenue Mile, Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, and NYC Run to Liberty, dating from 2000-2015, as well as Club Night nominee, Mighty Miler, and generic adult and kids' running medals.

1 box contains medals from non-NYRR races, dating from 1988 to 2011. Among the races represented are: the Chicago Marathon, Quebec City Marathon, Philadelphia Half-Marathon, and the United States Air Force Marathon.

This series also includes several framed New York City Marathon finisher medals, dating from 1990-1999 and 2002-2003.

New York Road Runners


  • NYRR 02
  • Record Group
  • 1958-2016

Materials in this record group consist of publications produced by New York Road Runners from 1958 to 2016, including newsletters and inserts; event calendars; race programs, brochures, participant handbooks; as well as publications and newsletters of the Road Runners Club of America.

New York Road Runners

New York Road Runners Newsletters

Series I contains an incomplete run of newsletters published by New York Road Runners (NYRR) between 1959 and 2015. Published under several names, the NYRR newsletter was America’s oldest publication on running. First published as the Road Runners Club, New York Association Newsletter (1959-1977), it was briefly named the New York Road Runners Club Newsletter before transitioning to a magazine format as New York Running News (1979-1997). In August/September 1997, the title was changed again to New York Runner (1997-2015). Over time, the newsletter has undergone various format changes, beginning as an in-house typed newsletter published by NYRR founder Ted Corbitt to a newspaper format in the 1970s and finally as a magazine. From Fall 2014 – Fall 2015, New York Runner was also published in digital format and available via NYRR's website. New York Runner ceased publication following the Fall 2015 issue. Volume and issue numbering of newsletters is inconsistent and titling reflects the original numbering.

The newsletters contain a variety of information including: race results; training tips for runners; local club news; and profiles of NYRR members and elite runners. Newsletters from the 1960s also contain early membership rosters. The official New York City Marathon guide/program as well as the Marathon Results magazine were typically published as issues of the newsletter and contain the complete finisher list. This series also contains several issues of New York Running News and New York Runner labeled as editorial copies, some of which include editorial annotations.

Other publications in this series consist of What’s Happening (1979-1992), The Rundown (2000-2003), NYRR in the Loop (2003-2008), and NYRR Races (2003-2009) newsletters, as well as the monthly membership mailer (1993-1995). These newsletters and mailers were sent to NYRR members and include calendars and information on NYRR races, events, running classes and clinics, as well as race entry forms.

New York Road Runners

Event Ephemera

Series II consists of brochures, fliers, programs, and pamphlets for New York Road Runner events and races dating from 1971 to 2014. The records include the official handbook for the New York City Marathon from 2003 to 2014, as well as programs and guides for the 1974, 1977, 1978 and 1992 New York City Marathon. Series II also contains the official marathon program and results magazine for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon, the first program to be published following the dissolution of New York Runner.

Other records include photobooks produced as promotional items by NYRR. These document the finishes of Paula Radcliffe in the 2008 ING New York City Marathon; Shalane Flanagan, Gebre Gebremariam, Edna Kiplagat, and Edison Pena in the 2010 ING New York City Marathon; as well as Asics, Nissan, and Emerald sponsorship of the 2011 ING New York City Marathon.

Series II also contains an incomplete run of programs for the L’Eggs Mini Marathon and Advil Mini Marathon (1976, 1979-1997), as well as programs from the New York Games, Trevira Twosome, Avon Women’s Half-Marathon, XII World Cross Country Championships, and the New York Six-Day Run. A small amount of records consist of NYRR Club Night programs; pocket guides for the 2014 and 2015 NYC Half Marathon; and programs from tributes to Grete Waitz and Al Gordon.

New York Road Runners

Other New York Road Runners Publications

Series III consists of a small amount of publications produced by and for NYRR’s youth programs as well as NYRR’s Annual Report (2011-2012, 2016). Youth program publications consist of: “Running Partners News” produced by the NYRR Foundation; “Footnotes: A Newsletter from NYRR Youth Programs;” and “NYRR Young Runners News.” This series also includes the 2015 Mighty Milers Program Impact report.

New York Road Runners

Race Results and Demographics

  • NYRR 03
  • Record Group
  • 1970-2007

This record group consists of NYRR race results and demographics dating from 1970 to 2007. Records include: official finish lists and lists of entrants; award winners and finishers grouped by category; demographics and statistics relating to various aspects of the New York City Marathon and other NYRR races; and NYRR membership demographics.

New York Road Runners


  • NYRR 04
  • Record Group
  • 1930-2017

Materials in this record group consist of artifacts, including textiles and 3-dimensional objects, produced by New York Road Runners. The records primarily document the New York City Marathon, but also cover other prominent NYRR races.

New York Road Runners

New York Road Runners Club Library

  • NYRR 09
  • Record Group
  • 1889-2011

Materials in this record group consist of subject files, scrapbooks, books, and periodicals collected by the New York Road Runners Club Library.

New York Road Runners Club Library

Departmental Records

  • NYRR 01
  • Record Group
  • 1973-2016

This record group documents the work of internal New York Road Runner departments. Records date from 1973-2016 and consist of correspondence and memoranda; meeting minutes and notes; presentation materials; budgets; and reports.

New York Road Runners

Media Relations

Series II contains records created by the NYRR Media and Public Relations department and consists of media guides, press kits, press releases, press clippings, and media coverage and media wrap-up reports. The bulk of the series documents the New York City Marathon and dates from 1976-2016. The series contains a complete run of New York City Marathon media guides dating from 1997-2014, and includes both clean copies as well as annotated copies belonging to former NYRR Media Director Richard Finn.

Records in this series document NYRR’s media monitoring efforts, beginning with loose original press clippings from newspapers and magazines collected by Burrelle’s media monitoring service to bound volumes prepared by public relations firms, including Edelman and Rubenstein Communications. Results from media monitoring activities were provided to NYRR in the form a bound report, which have been referred to over time as clip books, media wrap-up reports, or media coverage reports. The reports contain photocopies or print-outs of newspaper, magazine, and online media coverage.

Other races covered in this series include: the New York City Half Marathon, L’Eggs Mini Marathon, New York Mini 10K, Fifth Avenue Mile, Healthy Kidney 10K, Empire State Building Run-Up, and the NYRR Millrose Games.

New York Road Runners

Brand Marketing and Communications (BMC)

Series III consists of records created by the Brand Marketing & Communications (BMC) department, also called Creative Services. The records primarily consist of Creative Service samples created for the New York City Marathon and date from 2000-2013, though samples from the 2005, 2006 and 2009 Marathons are missing. Originally housed in binders, the records are arranged chronologically, and most include the sample accompanied by a Creative Service project agreement, which provides pricing and quantity ordering information. Many samples also include corresponding digital design files stored on CD-Rs. Samples include: race applications and brochures; official letters of acceptance; certificates; race credentials and passes; maps; programs; stickers; designs for posters and signs; and mailings sent to applicants and entrants.

The series also contains samples from other NYRR races and events, including the New York City Half Marathon (2007-2008) and the US Olympic Team Trials for the Men’s Marathon (2007), t-shirt designs for weekly races, and mailings, race brochures and applications sent to NYRR members.

Series III also contains samples of sponsor summaries from the New York City Marathon (2001-2003). For the 2003 ING New York City Marathon, there is a final version of the sponsor summary as well as draft summaries for each sponsor, which include Asics, Gatorade, ING, and Ronzoni, among others.

New York Road Runners

Event Development & Production (ED&P)

Records in Series IV were created by Peter Ciaccia and Event Development & Production (ED&P) staff. Records largely consist of race planning and logistics; race critiques and runner feedback; production and operations manuals; and meeting notes and agendas.

New York Road Runners

Race Files

Records consist of race planning and logistics, as well as race critiques and feedback from both runners and NYRR staff. Materials in this subseries document the New York City Marathon (2001-2013), New York City Half-Marathon, as well as weekly NYRR races, including the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, 5th Avenue Mile, and the Midnight Run. These files include logistical information related to courses, entertainment, and race-day operations, and include event descriptions, budgets, correspondence, course maps, and run of show schedules.

New York Road Runners

Broadcast Department

Materials in this subseries document the work of NYRR’s Broadcast Department and were largely created by Pamela Cederquist, former Executive Producer. Records are arranged chronologically and consist of planning documents, production manuals, shooting schedules, and coverage and story profiles for the ING New York City Marathon (2006, 2010-2013). Other records include Broadcast Department budgets and strategy and planning material.

New York Road Runners

Peter Ciaccia Files

Records in this subseries consist of agendas; meeting notes; race planning and logistics; and correspondence created by Peter Ciaccia, President, Events, and Race Director, TCS New York City Marathon. Materials include Ciaccia’s personal meeting notes housed in spiral-bound notebooks, as well as his copies of Management Team weekly update reports. Other records include planning and logistics for 2006 races, as well as subject files, dating from 2005-2007.

New York Road Runners

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (BD&SP)

This series consists of records created by the Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Department (BD&SP), formerly Business Development and Marketing Strategy. The records date from 1999-2010 and were created by Ann Wells Crandell, former Executive Vice President, and Lea Sugimura Tiernan, Director. The series documents NYRR's business partnerships and sponsorships and contains sponsor agreements and proposals; correspondence and memoranda; budgets; meeting notes; and profit and loss (P&L) reports.

Files document NYRR's relationships with a variety of sponsors and partners, including: Asics, Emerald Nuts, New York Junior League, ING, WNBC, Continental Airlines, Poland Spring, Salmini Films, and Toyota. Subject files, which are arranged alphabetically and therein chronologically, also include proposals sent to potential sponsors and partners, including Adidas, Hudson River Park, and Maxwell House Coffee. Other records document the NYRR Partner Forum as well as sponsorship sales development and leads.

The series also contains a small amount of race files dating from 2004 to 2009. These files document BD&SP's responsibilities and collaboration with sponsors for the following races: ING New York City Marathon, Thomas Labrecque Classic Washington D.C., Circle of Friends NY Mini 10K and New York City Half Marathon.

New York Road Runners

Strategy, Planning and Organization Operations

Series VI consists of records created by Bari Greenfield, Vice President of Strategy, Planning and Organization Operations. Records date from 2011-2015 and document the department's work in developing and executing New York Road Runner's strategies, goals, and initiatives. The bulk of the records document the New York City Half-Marathon (2013-2015) and New York City Marathon (2013-2014) and consist of: race metrics summary reports, post-race staff survey and runner survey results, as well as meeting materials from the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon post-marathon strategy session.

A small amount of material documents NYRR's partnership with The Armory Foundation and consists of wrap up reports for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. The wrap up reports contain information on the year's training season, track meet attendance, the Armory College Prep program, and the Millrose Games.

New York Road Runners

Computer Operations - Alice Schneider Files

Materials in Series VII were created by Alice Schneider, former Director of Computer Operations for the New York Road Runners Club (NYRRC). The records date from 1982-2003 and largely document the emerging use of computers in the New York City Marathon. Marathon records are arranged chronologically and contain information on abuse of the guaranteed entry system; development of race bibs; and race scoring logistics. The series also includes demographics and statistics for the New York City Marathon from 1982-2002, which provide details on gender, age group, occupational, and geographical distribution of entrants and finishers.

Schneider's files also contain information regarding the relationship between NYRRC and the Achilles Track Club. Records include correspondence and memoranda related to marathon entry for Athletes With Disabilities (AWD), race scoring, and early start times for wheelchair athletes.

A small portion of the series consists of subject files, arranged alphabetically. Files include: MSN and Mirror Image sponsorship; website development; and timing equipment.

New York Road Runners


  • NYRR 06
  • Record Group
  • 1972-2013

NYRR 06 consists of 3 oversize boxes of posters from NYRR races, dating from 1972-2013. Posters are arranged chronologically by race and document the following races: New York City Marathon, L’Eggs Mini Marathon, Mercedes Fifth Avenue Mile, Central Park Winter Series, Coogan's Salsa, Blues & Shamrocks 5K, Empire State Building Run-Up, American Heart Association (AHA) Wall Street Run, and the More Marathon. New York City Marathon posters consist of official posters, smaller “store” posters, go signs, as well as an MTA poster for the 1978 New York City Marathon, likely used as a New York City subway wall advertisement.

The record group also contains New York Road Runner Foundation posters; Mighty Milers and Young Runners posters; and a framed poster of Allison Roe setting the world record at the 1981 New York City Marathon.

New York Road Runners


  • NYRR 07
  • Record Group
  • 1982-2009

This record group consists of artwork collected by and given to New York Road Runners, dating from 1982 to 2009. Artwork includes lithographic prints and fine art posters depicting the New York City Marathon by artists Carolyn Anderson, Evey Schweig, Andrew J. Yelenack, and Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite. The majority of these prints were created through a partnership between NYRR and the Art of Running and were sold as official lithographs of the New York City Marathon.

Also included in NYRR 07 are: a lithograph and iris giclee print by Ruben Ramonda depicting marathon runners; a painting by Elizabeth K. Rogers of Engineer’s Gate in Central Park; a pastel drawing depicting an interview with Fred Lebow; and an artist’s proof of “Young at Heart,” a sculpture by Rich Muno depicting two versions of Johnny Kelley winning the Boston Marathon.

New York Road Runners

Photographs and Slides

  • NYRR 08
  • Record Group
  • [1981]-2008

Record Group 08 consists of 2 series:

Series I. New York Runner Slides and Photographs
Series II. Oversize Photographs

New York Road Runners

New York Road Runners Photo Archives

  • NYRR 11
  • Record Group
  • 1912 - 2017

Record Group 11 consists of 5 series:

Series I. Administration
Series II. Historical Races
Series III. New York City Marathon
Series IV. Notable People
Series V. Subject Files

New York Road Runners