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  • NYRR 05
  • Record Group
  • 1970-2016

Materials in this record group consist of audio and motion-picture media arranged chronologically.

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Compact Discs (CD) and Digital Video Discs (DVD)

  • III
  • Série
  • 1999-2014
  • Fait partie de Media

This series mainly consists of DVDs, the bulk of which contain footage of the New York City Marathon (2009-2011). Marathon footage includes off-air records, local and national coverage, as well as press conferences with elite athletes and footage from marathon expos. Series III also contains DVDs documenting the New York City Half Marathon, Empire State Building Run-Up, Prostate Cancer Run, and the 50th Anniversary of NYRR.

This series also contains 18 episodes of Running, as well as feature-length films, Run For Your Life: the Fred Lebow Story and In it Together. There are also 3 audio CDs, which include “New York City: the Marathon Mix” and “Girls on the Run Manhattan – 2008 Season Highlights.”

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VHS Tapes

  • I
  • Série
  • 1976-2007
  • Fait partie de Media

Series I consists of 395 videocassette (VHS) tapes, the bulk of which contain broadcast footage, news coverage, highlight reels and clips of the New York City Marathon from 1976-2005. Marathon tapes include official 5 hour television coverage that aired on various networks, including WPIX 11, ESPN, and WNBC. This series also contains VHS tapes of other NYRR races, including the Fifth Avenue Mile, New York Games, Corporate Challenge, More Marathon and the Carey Wall Street Rat Race.

Other tapes document non-NYRR races, such as the Tokyo Marathon (1983), Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials (1992), and the London Marathon (1982, 1995). Series I also contains 21 tapes on the subject of Fred Lebow. These consist of public service announcements (PSAs), interviews, and coverage of his memorial and funeral service.

This series also includes instructional and training videos as well as episodes of Running (YES Network), Running & Racing (ESPN), and Road Race of the Month (ESPN). The bulk of this series was produced by Salmini Films. Other production companies include Trans World International (TWI) and TSC Graphics.

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