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Women running, women running with children, NYC sign warning to run in groups

Running Shoes

Running shoes: 8K Championship 2003; Half Marathon 8/5/2001; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Dash N' Splash 2001; Bronx Half Marathon 2003; NYC Marathon 2001, 2002, 2004; NYRR Mini Marathon 10Km 2003; Joe Kleinerman 12/2001

Running Clubs

Running clubs: 5th Ave Mile 2001, 2002; Half Marathon 8/5/2001; Teen Smoking 2002; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Dash N' Splash 2001, 2002; Half Marathon 8/2002; Run to Liberty 2002; Mini Marathon 2002, 2003; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Queens Half Marathon 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2003; Gretes Great Gallop 2001; USA-NYRR 8km 2002; NYRRC 5M 2001; Shots of runners and legs

Portraits/Head shots

Father's Day 2002, 2003; Mini Marathon 2003; Snowflake run 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2003, 2004; 5th Ave Mile 2004; Queens Half Marathon 2003, 2004; Police/Fire 2002; Runners at unmarked race; NYRR portraits

Nutritionists and Fitness Experts

Norbert Sander; Dr. Andy Rodriguez; Fitness Forum August/September 1989; Dr. Margaret Dessau; Dr. Mary Levine; Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook: Eating to Fuel Your Active Lifestyle by Nancy Clark; Headshots


Athletes in pain: Manhattan Half Marathon 2004; Mini Marathon 2003; NYC Marathon 2003


Runners at the medical tents and around emergency vehicles; Runners being treated by medical staff during races; Runners in blankets and being attended by medical staff

Men and Women Running

Men and women running: Half Marathon 8/5/2001; 5th Ave Mile 2001; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Manhattan Half 2003; Teen Smoking race 2002; Father's Day 2002; Run to Liberty 2002; NYC Marathon 1987, 1994, 1995 1999, 2000, 2002; Madison Ave Bridge Harlem 1987

Men Running

Men running in various races: 5th Ave Mile 2001; Half Marathon 8/2002; Anderson sponsored race 10/28/2001; Teen Smoking race 2002; Dash N' Splash 2002; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Twosome 10K 2002; Queens Half Marathon 2003; Father's Day 2002, 2003; ING NYC Marathon medals 2004

Large Groups

Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Queens Half Marathon 2004; NYC Marathon 2003; Anderson sponsored Marathon 10/28/2001

Line Ups

8K Elites 2004; 8K Championships 2003; Mini Marathon 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2004; Dash N' Splash 2001; Father's Day Race 2002; Central Park 150 Years; Run to Liberty 2002; Women at the start of the Marathon - retouched; United to Run group shots

Generic Running

Shoes and people running in various races; People and shoes running in various races; Track Running, JPEG files, client: NYRR 6/22/2005; Shoes running in various races


Gretes Great Gallop 2001; Half Marathon 8/2002; NYC Marathon 2001; NYC Marathon 2003

Children, folder 4

Battle of Running Cities 1997; Advil Tune-Up 1993; Niketown Kids 2002; Advil Pee Wee Run 1993; Discover Mile 1996; Child's Holiday Party 1997; Teen Smoking 2002; Miscellaneous children's races

Children, folder 3

Kids running in races: The Big Race, Little L'eggs, Family Fitness, Peewee Run, Redbook Run, Urban Running Program, Trevira, Age Group X-C

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