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Women running, women running with children, NYC sign warning to run in groups

Running Shoes

Running shoes: 8K Championship 2003; Half Marathon 8/5/2001; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Dash N' Splash 2001; Bronx Half Marathon 2003; NYC Marathon 2001, 2002, 2004; NYRR Mini Marathon 10Km 2003; Joe Kleinerman 12/2001

Running Clubs

Running clubs: 5th Ave Mile 2001, 2002; Half Marathon 8/5/2001; Teen Smoking 2002; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Dash N' Splash 2001, 2002; Half Marathon 8/2002; Run to Liberty 2002; Mini Marathon 2002, 2003; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Queens Half Marathon 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2003; Gretes Great Gallop 2001; USA-NYRR 8km 2002; NYRRC 5M 2001; Shots of runners and legs

Portraits/Head shots

Father's Day 2002, 2003; Mini Marathon 2003; Snowflake run 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2003, 2004; 5th Ave Mile 2004; Queens Half Marathon 2003, 2004; Police/Fire 2002; Runners at unmarked race; NYRR portraits


Athletes in pain: Manhattan Half Marathon 2004; Mini Marathon 2003; NYC Marathon 2003

Nutritionists and Fitness Experts

Norbert Sander; Dr. Andy Rodriguez; Fitness Forum August/September 1989; Dr. Margaret Dessau; Dr. Mary Levine; Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook: Eating to Fuel Your Active Lifestyle by Nancy Clark; Headshots

Men Running

Men running in various races: 5th Ave Mile 2001; Half Marathon 8/2002; Anderson sponsored race 10/28/2001; Teen Smoking race 2002; Dash N' Splash 2002; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Twosome 10K 2002; Queens Half Marathon 2003; Father's Day 2002, 2003; ING NYC Marathon medals 2004

Men and Women Running

Men and women running: Half Marathon 8/5/2001; 5th Ave Mile 2001; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Manhattan Half 2003; Teen Smoking race 2002; Father's Day 2002; Run to Liberty 2002; NYC Marathon 1987, 1994, 1995 1999, 2000, 2002; Madison Ave Bridge Harlem 1987


Runners at the medical tents and around emergency vehicles; Runners being treated by medical staff during races; Runners in blankets and being attended by medical staff

Line Ups

8K Elites 2004; 8K Championships 2003; Mini Marathon 2003; Bronx Half Marathon 2004; Dash N' Splash 2001; Father's Day Race 2002; Central Park 150 Years; Run to Liberty 2002; Women at the start of the Marathon - retouched; United to Run group shots

Large Groups

Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Queens Half Marathon 2004; NYC Marathon 2003; Anderson sponsored Marathon 10/28/2001

Generic Running

Shoes and people running in various races; People and shoes running in various races; Track Running, JPEG files, client: NYRR 6/22/2005; Shoes running in various races


Gretes Great Gallop 2001; Half Marathon 8/2002; NYC Marathon 2001; NYC Marathon 2003

Children, folder 4

Battle of Running Cities 1997; Advil Tune-Up 1993; Niketown Kids 2002; Advil Pee Wee Run 1993; Discover Mile 1996; Child's Holiday Party 1997; Teen Smoking 2002; Miscellaneous children's races

Children, folder 3

Kids running in races: The Big Race, Little L'eggs, Family Fitness, Peewee Run, Redbook Run, Urban Running Program, Trevira, Age Group X-C

Central Park, folder 4

Central Park Volunteer 12/16/1998; Runners in race in Central Park; snowy view of runners in Central Park; runners in forest area in Central Park; runner by water in Central Park

Central Park, folder 3

Central Park 150 Anniversary; Central Park Running Guide Nov/Dec; Mini Marathon 2002; Dash N' Splash 2001; Running Class 2001; NYC Marathon 1995; NYC Marathon 1995; New York Roadrunners; Half Marathon 8/2002; Manhattan Half Marathon 2003; Foundation Kids; Bronx Half Marathon 2002; Queens Half Marathon 2003; Mini Marathon 2002; NYC Marathon 1997

Lebow, Fred

Fred Lebow, Grete Waitz, and others on stage with trophies for Trevira Twosome and Adidas jackets

Lebow, Fred

Fred Lebow, Grete Waitz, and others rolling out white carpet on bridge wearing Trevira sweatshirts

Lebow, Fred

Members of the 1993 New York's Finest, and New York's Bravest running teams with Allan Steinfeld and Fred Lebow


Oprah, Joe Frazier, Neil Amdur, Julius Erving, Billie Jean King, Steve Garvey, Betsy McCaughey, etc.

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